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:new: CHANGED AGAIN because apparently I was close to reaching my old goal. Let's fix that shall we...

5/17/14: Just to put this here, I currently have about 1,163:points: with right now

8/23/14: Last Point count is very outdated so here is a new one. I have spent a lot, I know it, but I guess I earned it back and then some! I have 1,812 :points: at this very moment! That is the most I have ever had at once, now let's see if I can keep it a high enough number so I can buy a PM...

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Mainly just an update for myself, as I am tired today and don't want to lose track of anything.

Last few days I was piled with school work, but got it all knocked out to make way for my art and drawing time. This proved to help me as stress relief and enhancement of mood. However, I still feel neutral as of late since my family keeps bouncing through mood spells I cannot explain well to myself. One minute they are happy, the next they yell at each other, and then I see smiles yet again.

My Mental notebook is filling up and making me cringe at the word "work" since I have so much I want to do and need to do, and the line between the two is very pin needle thin for me. Everything I want to do I can do since it's art related, and this will help me improve my skills and excel later on in life. However, more pressing matters seem to push those things out of its way and it frustrates me, to no end.

I have many stories in my head that I need to write out, or draw out, and I never have enough time to do any of it. I am just glad I can vent to certain friends about certain stories and characters and what not. I have put group characters aside for too long though, and I need to get back into drawing them before I can feel good enough to draw my own original characters and concepts I oh so love doodling for days on end.

I also have group priorities though, so that is making my efforts in keeping track of all I want to do for them all fruitless. I need to be more frugal with my time but instead I get frustrated with my art list of what to draw and end up watching YouTube or tracking other social media sites in an attempt to clam down when drawing should do just that. So I am setting my list straight now, and there shall be some work getting done today.

Group To Do List (In Order of priority):


For Armonia there is a festival going on, and I wish to participate oh so much this year, seeings as Milo as a boyfriend and Tony needs to be more active. I am attempting to make comics for this event, but if such things do not get done, I will have to have drawings done instead if I am to feel good enough about myself and my participation level. Not everything is going to get done, and some things will be dropped, but I am going to attempt to knock out as much as possible no matter what.

Draw Milo then Dancing with Yu just because
Draw Milo/Tony at all the Booths (Namely Ducklett Pond and Voltorb Pool for Milo, Poffin Eating Competition for Tony, and Drifloon Darts, Barboach Toss, Spheal Ball, and Pumpkin Carving for both)
Draw Tony attempting to study with no sunlight to help energize himself Changed it to a story because I wanted it done
Draw Milo and Fredrick under the Pink Moon
Draw Milo and Tony's Masquerade Costumes on the Meme
Draw the Pets of Armonia/Mortiel Causing Mayhem everywhere
Draw Milo and Tony's Student IDs
Make plans for sending certain characters to enter Mirage College/Armonia Institute


I have not done anything for this group since last month, and I aim to change that-which I technically did already. They implemented a new rule where references had to have ID #s and Family Trees, so I halted all progress of my ranch through sheer laziness. I finally got them all updated today, and it took forever, but I still have a flood of references I have not even gotten to draw yet! This is also due to laziness in part, but mainly stress and fatigue after so many drawings for this group last month. I will not participate in the events or tasks most likely, but I will try to get those refs done and maybe level up my older pokemon that have gotten no love from me.

Finish References That Are Not Done
Draw Out Old Clutches
Get Pokemon from Older Clutches Sold
Teach Pokemon Moves
Evolve Certain Pokemon


I have not done anything but my application and a painted sketch for this group period! I have RPed yes, many of them actually, but I feel I have to draw something to be active in such a group. I was going to wait for an event, but such an event has not occurred yet, so I am going to draw something, anything, for Alancio to keep him fresh in my mind.

Draw Alancio creeping out Kenny
Draw Alancio with his machete killing zombies
Draw Alancio being a drunk jerk as per the usual

Note: My other groups are practically dead, or not character based, so I needn't do anything for them. These groups are:


This group is dead as a door-nail! I could almost hear the wails of the dead when I entered the chatroom! Maybe that was just me and my October mood, but not one journal update has been posted since the last event months ago. I am very close to just having my own character commit suicide so he can join Armonia or some other group.

:iconstylized-animals: and :iconcritterjam:

These two, ha, I never do anything for them. I am surprised I am still a member. I may one day attempt to get into them once again as I did back in the day, but I highly doubt it. I could draw my original characters in such times. I will probably stay for journals and animals and the art they dish out though, since I loved these groups' members' art more than my own most of the time.

Then there are other things I have to do that I have lined up pertaining from everything from original art to music to download. While I am at it I am going to go ahead and list these things so I don't have to worry about this later. However, I am probably going to leave a lot out and update it later with more tasks once I knock out previous ones just so I don't feel overwhelmed.

Finish Sketching out "Spring Reaps Changes" pages and start uploading the pages that are done
Couples/OTP Challenge Prompts
Markiplier Fan Art
Draw Siamese Jack digitally in color and upload
Make references for Original Characters
Practice Drawing Comics

Finish Music to Download List and Get it all Downloaded
Clean out YouTube Account Playlists
Clean out G-Mail Inbox
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Playing: Sly Cooper: Band of Thieves
  • Drinking: Pepsi and Boy Do I Hate Pepsi :C

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Azailia Auburn
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I take commisions and maybe art trades. You just have to ask. Go ahead. Note me. I rarely bite. I'm just a person who's 95% imagination and 5% other stuff. An average artist who strives to be better at what she does best. Draw. My ambitions drive me toward my goals and I try to make friends along the way. Fan of Foxes, Pokemon, Pokemon Creepypasta, Happy Tree Friends, Music, and most importantly, imagination. Let it flow today~
Not afraid to admit my heart gets attached to things easily, like virtual creatures or stuffed animals. Have you hugged one today?

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