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Music Meme Tag

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 8:55 PM

Tagged by this noodle: :iconlunatheninjafox2: here: Time to do some memes (Airhorn goes off)

You have to set your Music Player, doesn't matter if it mp3 or Handy etc., on Shuffle and write the first 20 Songs down without skipping!

(Oh god here we go. I am going to use my new song playlist so it is at least all sings I currently listen to.)

1) Maraca [Mohombi] (I love this song tons~ It makes me want to move my hips~ My cover art for this song is Milo the Furret in his Gypsy outfit haha)

2) Girls Girls Boys [Panic! At The Disco] (Pearl is my cover art for this for some reason. I love this band though omg I just downloaded three of their songs like three days ago)

3) Oh No! [Marina and the Diamonds] (*le gasp* THIS SONG MAN. I have Pacifica as this song's cover art, and tbh all of this band's songs fit her pretty well. I also saw some art of Dipper to this song using the line "I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I'm the best" and it makes me cry every time)

4) Getting Away With Murder [Papa Roach] (Mmm some music from the band of my middle school angst. Love the music videos this band has too, they are usually really nice~ This song has cover art of Purple Guy in a Springtrap hoodie daw)

5) Down the Rabbit Hole [Adam Lambert] (HNG I love Adam Lambert tbh. A very pretty man to end most men~ Plus his music videos are very interesting, to use one word. This song has a human Bill Cipher as cover art since I use him to represent most of my Adam Lambert songs. For some reason it fits...Also, fun fact: I think this song name would make a good stripper bar name and a few friends of mine agree //slapped)

6) Zydrate Anatomy [Repo! The Genetic Opera] (Using the movie as the artist name since I am too lazy to search up the specific names that made this song, though I think Alexa Vega is in it...This has no cover art, but I am sure GF art will go to it. I want to watch this movie so bad but my Mom hates how it looks and I have to wait to get my own Netflix account to get my own movies >:C )

7) Gibberish [MAX feat. Hoodie Alien] (This song is a wild card for me. I happened to like it sounded on Smule Piano and I downloaded it afterwards haha. Just some GF art as the cover for this one with Bipper and Dipper)

8) Titanium [Nightcore Remix + Male version] (This one is Sia I believe, but heavily remixed to sound male and what not. Still pretty cool~ No cover art sadly.)

9) Music of the Night [Phantom of the Opera] (*flips a table* HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS SONG This is one of my lullabies too~ The art for this is Dipper and Bill Phantom of the Opera AU Art by Elentori haha)

10) Going in Blind [P.O.D.] (Found this song back in my Warriors AMV days~ Good times~ I used Danny Phantom art though since it sorta fit better than Jayfeather in my mind)

11) Starstrukk [3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry] + Rain [Klaypex fat. Sara Kay] (This is two songs because I found a speedpaint of them together and I downloaded the audio from that and put a poochyena in a skitty hood as the cover art haha)

12) Paralyzer [Finger Eleven] (I like this song, but it is not my favorite. Has no cover art yet.)

13) Panic Switch [Silversun Pickups] (Hng love this song so much~ Got it from a friend~ The cover art is Scarecrow from Batman haha)

14) Little Red Riding Hood [Nightcore] (I HAVE NO IDEA WHO SINGS THIS AND I CAN'T FIND IT BUT THIS IS MY IDEAL LULLABY I SWEAR and I don't have cover art for it yet, but I want to use Azailia and Luke, my two OCs since I imagine Luke singing this haha)

15) Took Me By Surprise [Maria Mena] (This song is kinda sad, and I have no cover art for it.)

16) Ain't It Fun [Paramore] (Ah this song. It has no cover art yet, but I love this song~ It's so real's kinda sad :c )

17) Open Your Eyes [Sum 41] (Oh God this reminds me of my rocketchu days shit. Still love this song though~ No cover art yet sadly, but it will probably be Rocketchu fan art haha)

18) Casual Affair [Panic! At The Disco] (YESSSSSS THIS IS MY JAM I just downloaded this a few days ago and I love this song so much. It fits me in the way that I always say casual or casually before saying an action or occurance pfpf)

19) Can't Take It [The All-American Rejects] (Sad song daw and to make things worse I put Dipper to this one as the cover art TRIANGULUM ENTANGULUM. A friend gave me this song too.)

20) Bohemian Rhapsody [Queen] (SCREECHES THIS IS ALSO MY JAM. I will sing this out loud as I finish writing this haha. Cover art is Dipper for some reason pfpf Glad we ended on a good note here~)

Okay so I guess I should tag some peeps. You don't have to do this but I suppose I will tag :iconcaptainkatwinters:, :icongaper4:, :iconbellberrystar:, and :iconrosiesakura: because haha I want to :C

Have a great day everyone!~

~Azailia Auburn

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